Spring Sunshine…


Spring Sunshine…..There is nothing quite like it…It lifts the body, mind and soul…And though it may not be as warm as it seems once you step outside, Spring sunshine brings with it the promise of better warmer days to come….I have to say that Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons in relation to my health and my heart…Winter can be too cold and wet and the Summer can be too hot and damp…

Yesterdays damp and cold is forgotten and today is a new day…A warmer kinder day…The spring sunshine always brings me a new sense of energy…A feeling of the possibility of new exciting times ahead…Maybe its just me?but the energy when all begins to wake from its winter slumber to spring through and begin another year of growth is for me infectious…

So though my body maybe a bit on the dysfunctional side at the moment…My heart is singing at the prospect of this bursting living energy bringing natures healing to me…The warmth of the spring sunshine starts to dry out my tired body, taking with it some of the daily aches and pains…With this warmth brings a calmer less painful time for me and my body…NL x

“Spring Sunshine….All is new…All brings the possibility of change…Progress blossoms…Energy reawakens from its winter slumber…Life becomes brighter”NL x


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