Feeling Odd….

2014-10-01 09.53.20

Feeling Odd……There are days, in fact there are many random times when i just feel odd… They are unpredictable episodes and there does not seem to be a pattern to these happenings…Try as i might i cannot pinpoint what the trigger is?…I can start off fine in the morning (natch..as my body batteries have done a moderate recharge) and just all of a sudden i will feel most peculiar…

It is an overwhelming feeling of not feeling at all well…But there are no specific symptoms…I can only explain it as i just do not feel right…When it first occurred i used to get quite stressed…This in it’s self did not help matters…You start to imagine all kinds of illness’s….Most of which are very unlikely and just a symptom of the anxiety produced by the worry of feeling “unwell”…

Logically It is probably related to tiredness…As all things Fibro seem to stem from the fatigue…But it does not have an obvious trigger…I’ve monitored food…Activity…Stress & anxiety…But to no avail…It passes…There does not seem to be one particular thing that i do that causes it to abate…I do tend to sit quietly, so maybe it is just that i need a rest?… However it can also happen when i am already resting?…I find at times that fresh air can sometimes improve and  re-balance the feeling…

One day i am sure this will all be explained….Until then i shall do my best to remain calm and logical with each new challenge….NL x

“Life does have purpose…We might not see it…We might not realise it…But there will be a purpose to our existence as an individual and as a collective”NL x

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