Rain Stops Me…


Rain Stops Me…….I don’t know about anyone else but rain is not my friend…I’m not sure it ever has been…many people find the damp found in the UK detrimental to their health….England is famous for its rheumatism and arthritis…Unfortunately our weather is perfect for such conditions…We may have a green and pleasant land…But it’s also got the cold and damp…

My legs will burn in a particular way before the rain comes( i have many different types of burning legs for varied reasons, which i am still trying to work out!?!)….I will often be woken in the night by my legs…Sometimes it is because i have done too much walking…But more often than not it can directly correlated to the wet weather…My knees ache before the rain comes…Once the rain is here the symptoms change and some of the aching and burning will lesson…I do also tend to get bad headaches…I presume this is do to atmospheric pressure?…So rain for me equals rest…

I am not the only person who has these issues…People without any diagnosed illness also suffer due to the weather…Strangely this makes me feel better about my aches and pains…If the healthy peeps are struggling then hopefully my health has not altered in a detrimental way…It is merely the seasonal weather…Not a change in my symptoms…Which is always a relief…The sunshine will come….Seasons always change…And there is always the option to visit warmer climes…Choice is always there…NL x

“Choices, Challenges & Changes…All are part of life…All are the journey of life…All exist in the complexity of life…Enjoy, Embrace, Enhance”NL x

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