Company In Tiredness…


Company In Tiredness…….

Though i struggle with socialising…An issue that i am sure you are all very well acquainted with…I do try to get out…I love the 1940’s WWII era and have had many a day out with fellow re-enacting friends and have now roped in my sister…When i first began this enjoyable interest i was much more outgoing and confident..Fast forward to health imploding and life has become more insular…I now have to choose each event on what and where they are…The logistics have to be balanced very carefully…Chairs and a picnic are generally the norm, where friends join us and a giggle is had by all…

The friendships i forged in my previous more sociable days are still there…They are not phased if i am on my scoot…Or if i do not stay for long…Or that i might be quiet or need a rest at some point…They just care how i am, just as i care about them…I have had the privilege to meet WWII veterans who humble me with their bravery, energy and jest for life…

Many of my fellow re-enactors also have health issues and there understanding is mutual..The support and enjoyment i have and do experience has and is of great value to me…So even though i may be tired i do try to attend as many as i can…I know the events that will require more energy and plan accordingly…

I get that my scoot is not 40’s but those with a true understanding are not phased or judgemental about this…I did not choose to be ill and if some do choose to judge me then that is a reflection of them not me…The core people that i have the pleasure of spending time with accept me as i am…The fun and light that they bring into my life is something that i treasure…I have found my people…Don’t give up on finding yours…NL x

“To truly care for others is to give without expectation…true friends will give back without being asked…The flow and balance is just there…It requires no effort…NL x

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