Quiet Please…

2015-07-19 17.18.37

Quiet Please…..I have to say of all the things that Fibro brings the sensory overload is my biggest struggle…In my youth i have partied like any other…Nightclubs and noisy pubs were visited as were music concerts and many noisy gatherings…But these days give me peace and quiet above all…I can cope for a while…But oh my giddy aunt i do not cope well with prolonged hustle and bustle…It is quite simply exhausting…

I do love having my scoot it puts me in a bubble of safety and space…Energy that would have been spent walking or standing can be used to cope with the noise and mania of shopping…Going to the shops is not my favourite thing, it never has been…Neither however is sitting in day after day…And though i have brilliant support and help in life, my own independence is vital to my well being…

It is possible for peace and quiet to be an internal state of being…This is something that i have worked on…I achieve an inner peace quite successfully in many situations…Other times the only way to recharge is to return to your place of peace and tranquillity…”Zoning out” and “switching off” can work to a point…But there will be times when even the best of focus from you will not enable you to find that inner place of silence…Just remember silence and balance will return…NL x

“Silence for some is unwelcome…But within silence we can find our own voice…We can find a new sense of who we are…Silence allows us to hear”NL x

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