2014-10-01 10.11.37

Hot…Cold…Hot…Cold…!!……..And i am not talking about the weather!!…That’s a whole other blog post…I am constantly amazed by my bodies ability to go from hot to cold (and vice versa) so quickly and so often!?!…This can happen during the day or night…My dilemma is which part of my bewildered body is causing this to occur???

I have quite a choice…Fibro obviously is the one i always blame…But there is also my Underactive Thyroid, ME, Arthritis and food allergies to choose from…So trying to find the cause and redress the balance is a tricky one…I can and do have spells of lesser fluctuations but it is not often…

I will say it does tend to relate to the weather, stress and tiredness, on top of my usual tiredness…All of which can be tricky to avoid, despite my best efforts…So i spend my time putting clothing layers on and then taking them off again…Ditto for blankets and duvets…I have learnt to layer up and down like an expert so that i am prepared for any internal temperature swings…

I really do believe that to each challenge there will be a solution…Even if in this case it does mean taking most of your wardrobe with you upon leaving the house!?!…Don’t give up just adapt and work with the immediate needs that you are challenged with…NL x

“Despite all stay positive…Negative energy = Negative energy…Turn it around and no matter the challenge find the positive…”NL x”


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