To Be Greatful…


To Be Grateful…….”What for??” you may ask…But each day i am greatful…I look at the journey’s that others take and i am thankful everyday that all i have to cope with can be managed…I see the struggles of others who may see me and wish that they had my life and feel blessed…Even though i have my daily struggles things could be a lot worse…There is a saying “What can’t be cured must be endured”…Cures are found all the time so there is always hope…

So each day i do count my blessings…I have good people round me…I live in freedom…I have a roof over my head…Food in my cupboards…I am warm and clothed…Many are not…So even on days when things are more of a battle than normal i take a moment to remember that i have much…Struggles make us stronger…Life is always going to challenge us…But for me especially when i am grumpy or fed up i will remember that i am fortunate…

To smile at adversity brings the power back to us…To chuckle at the things that challenge us allows us to be kind to ourselves…If we become annoyed with life we waste our precious energy…Be thankful…Be greatful…Life may not be as we had planned but in my philosophy it is where we are meant to be…What we learn from our journey is up to us… What we do with that knowledge is also our choice…NL x

“Each day comes anew…Each breath is of that moment…Each choice related to circumstance…Each sentient being is on a journey”NL x




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