Forgetful??…Just A Bit!?!


Forgetful??…Just A Bit!?!……Now i am sure that we all forget things…But with extreme tiredness and fatigue comes the ability for thoughts to enter and leave your head on a whole new level…I spend my days making notes as to what i need to do and ticking them off…My brain feels like a butterfly that constantly sees another flower that it would like to visit…It rests for a while but very quickly moves on…This is very much like my thought pattern…

Yesterday was a classic example…No blog post was written…It wasn’t that i didn’t want to write one…Its just that the thought to do my blog didn’t stay in my head long enough for me to actually do it…I had forgotten to put a “post it note” anywhere to remind me!?!…Yesterday was a particularly “tired Day” so the chance of my brain remembering anything was pretty low…

I find that starting a task and becoming distracted is the norm…I have to really try to focus to stay with a task until completed…Some days i am uncertain if i have brushed my teeth?…As i can’t remember?…I brush them again!…I may get a white board in the bathroom to write on when i have completed such things…This however will require me to remember to write on the board?!?…

I usually manage the finish my simple daily tasks but it can take a while…At times things only get completed due to stumbling back upon them…Forgetting that something is still in the microwave is usual for me…As can be putting a wash load in and then forgetting to turn the machine on…The list is endless….

Where once i would become frustrated…Now i just chuckle to myself…These days i get things done when i can, how i can and in the time it takes…Everything will wait…I come first… NL x

“When life challenges us take a breath…React to the situation not from your inner trigger…Ask yourself “is this important enough to waste precious energy on??” NL x


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