Moving On..In..Out…

2015-07-19 17.23.33

Moving On..In..Out…….I have always been a bit of a nomad…From an early age life has had many changes mainly due to the necessity of circumstance…I learnt therefore how to adapt and change very early on in life…I also learnt how to meet new people and pack and unpack a house…Moving home has been and is done with extreme organisation and relative ease…Making a new comfortable home in mixed environments is also something that i have learnt to be able to do…I have taken on board that life has and does change, often at the drop of a hat…

With health changes came the need for me to adapt and rethink on a whole new level…Needs that i did have gone changed by my new needs, something i am sure that will be forever changing…My homes in the past have been varied and not always a choice,now i do make choices that are best for me…My nomadic life has enabled me to move on easily when life dictates the need to do so…I do not fear change as others may, but rather i accept it as part of life…

This then has enabled me to find changing the place that i call home due to my health needs much easier…I make choices carefully…Stairs are not my bodies favourite thing…It’s not the coming down, its the going up…And if i want to try and minimise the burning legs through the night then avoiding them is the best course of action…A property rented for a time with a stairlift was a bonus…Now being ground floor is the better choice…A ramp outside of the front door stops me falling down my front step…

It doesn’t matter if you have to move on…move out or move in…What does matter is that the haven that you call home works for you and your needs…If it doesn’t then maybe it is time to look at how it can…If it can’t be adapted to suit you then maybe its time to change where you are so that it does…NL x

“Make yourself and your needs a priority…You are not being selfish you are merely looking after self…Be aware of your needs…Be your best advocate for you”NL x 🙂



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