Sensory Overload…

2015-07-19 17.17.59

Sensory Overload……So i guess we all get home shut the door and take a breath…Life in the outside world can be very noisy, tiring and a tad stressful…Add in the Fibro with all its joyous symptoms and you have one very oversensitive individual…

Everything is brighter; louder; smellier etc….Tastes is very much heightened and altered…Lighting for me has to be subdued…Sounded tempered and muted…And smells can literally make me sick…

So managing the day to day sensory overload invasion can be a challenge…But we are not slackers and we will meet this challenge with our usual gusto and intelligence…I have to find time to be still…To find peace and quiet…And to be able to reboot my jangled senses..

Many are the days that i decide that to venture out into the foray that is outside my peaceful sanctuary just wont be possible…It is a difficult balance between seeking peace and quiet but running the risk of isolation…Or to be being near to others and then having to deal with the trade off of noise and bustle…Only we can decide and choose what is best for us on that day…NL x 🙂

“Deal with each day as it comes…Plan where possible…Always be flexible…Learnt to “zone out” when in overbearing unavoidable situations…Choose to go to a “happy place” in your mind”…NL x

(Dr Melissa Kaplan has a brilliant tick sheet of symptoms for CFS and Fibro )


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