Get Crafty….


Get Crafty….& i’m not talking about the getting devious sort of crafty…I’m talking about the creative sort of crafty..Within all the varied issues that come with Fibro there is the joy of poor co-ordination and Fibro Fog…Not forgetting the boredom of not always being able to get out and about…So i say (and I do) “get crafting”….Sew…Knit….Make a pot…Crochet…Whatever floats your boat…Have a go…

You can do this in the comfort of your home…You can invite friends to share with you…Or you can just snuggle yourself on the sofa and create away in your own space in your own time…There is no pressure on you…Just time and space to do your own thing…The brain and fingers are working away…Whatever you choose it will help you fight off the feeling of not having a purpose…

You could create items for others to enjoy…Or create things purely for your own happiness and pleasure…Keeping active is something we all get encouraged to do by the medical peeps…So think outside of the box…There is more than one way to keep active…If i can keep my brain thinking then there is hope yet for life solutions to be found…NL x

“Each day should have the potential of happiness…Each day we should feel good about ourselves…We may be faced with challenges but we are not quitters”NL x 🙂

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