To Be Sociable…


To be Sociable…..I do understand that this takes a lot of effort…And i get that there are times when recharging and pulling away from everyone and everything has to be your priority…But once balance and energy are there try to be more sociable…As humans we are predisposed to being around others…Being solitary for long periods of time is not positive for our well being…

Hermits and solitary individuals are often the most wounded amongst us…Our health makes us feel wounded it can lead us down the route of becoming more distanced form all that is around us…But i honestly feel better if i socialise…I have learnt to find the best people and places to be that work for me…

And it doesn’t have to all be about people…Animals are incredibly generous in their love and understanding of how we feel and what we need…So though it is tiring and often painful during and after getting out and about make a plan to make it possible…Try your best to come out of your cocoon of comfort and safety and be part of all that is happening around you…

I get that it may feel daunting…But if you do the research and ask for and accept help then it is possible and plausible to socialise…Though it may take time and some false starts you will find where you are happy…So take that huge deep breath, put your shoulders back, put a smile on your face and get out there…You will find your happy place outside of your bubble…NL x 🙂

“We are of tribes…We came from tribes…It is the natural way to be…We are naturally drawn to those who are of our tribe…They reflect us…They understand us” NL x

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