Best Made Plans…

2015-09-27 15.19.57

Best Made Plans….I had a plan…Well sort of…Of how life might pan out…It was my plan A…But life hasn’t chosen to follow my plan A!?!…In fact despite my best made plans (& re-plans) life has decided that it has no intention of conforming to any of the plans i have made…But i would have to admit that life has been an interesting journey so far…

So are fixed plans the best way forward??…Or is it best to just have a rough idea of where we would like to be in the future??..Should life with its twists, turns and surprises be more of an adventure rather than a certainty??…I am a believer of “things will be as they should be”…The best of plans can be disrupted in the blink of an eye…

My life thus far has been full of unplanned detours…It has had many stops and starts…There has been much positive and some more challenging times…But it has been a life lived…To many it would be a quiet life…To others i would seem that i have had a life of adventures…Perspective is for each individual…

I would say that having health issues has stopped me…But it hasn’t…My health changes have made me think differently…But i have not stopped achieving…It does not matter how small the achievement may be it is still a positive gain…So though life these days may be more akin to “through the looking glass” than a straight path does it really matter??…Enjoy every day…Smile and say “this is ok…i can deal with this…i am still able to make choices”…NL x

“To reflect is not to look backwards…Reflection allows us to assimilate our knowledge and use this to move forward..Try not associate the past with the future for they are not connected”NL x đŸ™‚

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