Diagnosis….We will have all been through the frustrating time of trying to find out what is wrong with us…My official journey to diagnosis began over 13 years ago with the first part being the confirmation of an under-active thyroid… When symptoms persisted my then Dr did the pressure point tests and we discussed my symptoms…This then lead to Fibromyalgia & M.E being diagnosed…Apparently this is not an uncommon combination of conditions…

However as i am predominately medication intolerant i had few choices…But thankfully my body has been accepting of my thyroxin…I thankfully have knowledge of the Natural and Holistic routes that can be used, and they have thus far been of great effect for my health, so i am fortunate…

At this time as i am sure many of you are aware Fibro was not recognised as a medical condition in the true sense…I managed to continue to work partly due to ignorance on my part of the ramifications of my health conditions and also a stubborn determination to continue normally…And also due to the fact that there was not help or support for those diagnosed with Fibro…I had to change my hours and lifestyle to better suit my health but for sometime i was able to successfully manage the two…

Fast forward and life began to implode…It was my Dr that eventually said “you would be best to give up work due to your health”…Though i did and have continued to do so i do try to keep up with my writing and am still hopeful of literary success and my financial independence restored…A feeling of purpose is one of the things i miss most…

The problem with Fibro is that it mirrors so many conditions…I have Rheumatism in the mix and have also had a Vit D deficiency along the way(it is still monitered)…All of which have similar if not almost identical symptoms…So i do understand that Fibro is difficult to detect and i feel it can sometimes be used as an “umbrella” dianosis for times when Dr’s are at a loss as to what is ailing someone…

The diagnosis of Fibro appears to be growing rapidly but its understanding and treatment is not…However all illness’s to date at one point were not understood and i have faith that the medical world will also get to grips with this one in due course…Till then i will remain, as we all should try to do so, positive, practical & pushy…NL x 😀

“A collective is stronger than an individual…If we tackle the problem with more than one mind the solution will become clearer sooner”NL x

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