Never Give Up Or Give In…



Never Give Up Or Give In……I get that life isn’t how it was…I also get that this is frustrating and at times depressing…But in order to move forward we have to change…In order to stop looking backwards we must find a way of moving forwards…If a wall appears go round it or get others to help you go over it…If a door closes that was once open find another door…Keep looking for solutions…

Our ability to think outside the box is what will see us through these difficult times…We are all challenged in life somehow…To not give in is our biggest challenge…We are all able to achieve greatness…Whatever that greatness maybe…Life is a puzzle…All puzzles can be solved…It just takes time, patience and perseverance…We are all special beings…We all have untapped abilities…Often not realising them until we are challenged to find a new inner strength…

If life takes an unexpected turn go with it…By flowing with the changes we are able to work out a new path…A new way forward will open up new opportunists for progress and new learning…Our brain and being has an infinite ability to find the way forward…We are bright, intelligent, capable individuals…We all have something to bring to the table..Make sure your plate and table are full…Do not doubt your ability to think and to seek out the very best solutions for you…NL x šŸ™‚

“With each new life puzzle comes the ability to find a solution…With each fresh challenge we can find a new strength…Each curve ball thrown towards us should be met with our bat of determination”NL x


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