Exercise…This has been recommended by many a Fibro health professional…And on the whole i totally agree with them…I will be soon be embarking on hydrotherapy at the hospital…Yippee for me as i adore water…I maybe part dolphin…I may try once the weather is warmer to get back to swimming at the local pool…Though the water temp does tend to be a tad bracing!!…

I am an advocate of keeping moving…I do believe that if you do not try to keep moving you will cease up even more…I enjoy yoga but tend to do my own thing at home…I discovered Yin Yoga where everything is done sitting or lying down…Ideal for all my conditions as standing is not a good position for me(though sitting on a stool is a solution)…But finding a local Yin Yoga class is proving very tricky…??

Swimming is also an ideal exercise as it is so supportive but effective…I have always been a water baby…As i am a swimming teacher it would be poor show if i didn’t love water…So my ideal world is my own pool with warmer water than the standard pool temp…Plus a hot tub…And a lovely holiday home in the sunshine…I am working on this, though to date is has yet to manifest but i remain positive and hopeful…

Find your way of moving and go with it…We may not be able to do this everyday…And we don’t have to do what all the others do…Look for ways of adapting “normal” exercise to fit your needs and abilities…Everyday that we do manage to move our tired achy bodies is a bonus to our well being…

So with this in mind anyone fancy a paddle???? NL x  ;-D

“To increase life flow we must move…Move Emotionally; Physically & Spiritually…Keep moving…For if we stagnate we become stuck…We loose ourselves…Move to be”NL x

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