Daily Defrost…


Oh what it must be to get out of bed and get going within minutes…I cannot remember the last time i did that??…I do however…Wake…Sort of…Then wait patiently to become fully conscious…Work out the bits that are aching more today…Try my best to do some very gentle “wake my body up” stretches… All this is always achieved whilst still lying in bed on my memory foam mattress within my duvet…

Then its time to sit up…Put my feet on the floor…I then take a moment to prepare myself to try to get to the bathroom without bouncing off any walls or door frames?!?I never rush…It is not the most productive things for me to do…Attempting to rush inevitably ends in bruises…Facing each day must be done slowly and with awareness…I am never without pain but the morning stiffness is always a challenge…

So i have learnt to be patient…I give myself and my body time to defrost before we get going…It is usually a process that takes at least two hours, sometimes it takes all day…I have changed many an early appointment as i know that rushing about to try to attend will do me no favours…It has come to amuse me that attendance to clinics and visits to related clinicians with relevance to Fibro (and other similar conditions) where the time is chosen for us, think that we are able to attend “early doors appointments”…

I do defrost faster in the summer months with warmth in the air easing my aches and pains…Though damp heat is not favourable as it exacerbates i find my Fibro symptoms…Dry warm heat seems to be the best to alleviate and improve things… So defrost i must…And be patient i will continue to be…NL 🙂  x

“If we rush about do we not miss the important things??…Should we not take a moment?… To see?…To be aware?…To be mindful?…To be within that moment?”…NL x

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