Julia and kids 47 - Copy

Lets not forget to celebrate…Life maybe tricky…But it is a life and it is our life…Do not forget to laugh and have fun…Remember most to laugh at yourself…It might sound bonkers but it is very easy to become bogged down in our health…Remember laughter is healing…So when you are at your most frustrated just laugh…It immediately takes the negative away and brings positive…

Be around people who understand and educate those who do not…Choose the company of positive people…Allow yourself to protect and enhance yourself with your life choices…Do not become embroiled in other peoples drama’s…There is not the energy for such things…Choose those who bring something to the table…Those who never bring anything are only ever going to take…Think and ask yourself “have i the energy to keep giving when they do not?”

Life is about energy…Everything is of energy…Choose whenever possible to be in positive situations and energy…Walk away from or distance yourself from negative energy…Life is a celebration of ups and a challenge of downs…Find places and times that bring the “ups”…Do not be so proud or stubborn to not ask for or accept help…Be honest with self and your needs for denial will not bring you any celebrations…NL x 🙂

“Choose to celebrate life…Though times may be tough…A life it still is with all its highs and lows…Hold onto the highs and release the lows…Allow life to flow” NL x

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