Wakey Wakey…

Wakey Wakey

If only a good nights sleep would restore energy levels…To sleep a restorative sleep…I do occasionally sleep very well…But it does not however give me the leap out of bed energy that i crave…I realise that with age possibly this would happen less…But to rest properly would be amazing

My only comfort is that the “normal” people round me, that is to say the ones who are not coping with Fibro or similar are also tired and worn out…So maybe life is also a part of the tiredness that i feel?…Do we become tired of the constant whirl of life?…Has our mind and body just become so worn out that it implodes?…

Fibro seems to be a growing illness or at least one that is now diagnosed more often…Is it an illness of body? or an illness of life?…When there is no clear answer to how something begins how can we begin to re-balance the cause?…

I smile when people say “are you feeling better now”…I haven’t got flu or a stubbed toe that will recover in time…This is with me until an understanding is found of its cause…I do feel at times that i just need to wake up…I even say to myself “come on wakey wakey”…It doesn’t do anything but i feel better for saying it…Stay positive…Keep smiling…NL x  🙂

“Mind over matter?…Or body worn out?…Take heart in the knowledge that all once was unknown and unsolved…Progress is part of life…Solutions will be discovered” NL x

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