Pin Ball Balance…

2014-10-01 09.53.20

I find when i am very over tired that i have a tenancy to loose my balance…Balance with Fibro is a tricky affair at the best of times…But when the extreme fatigue hits i seem to turn into a Pin Ball bouncing off furniture and walls…My particular favourite is getting up and immediately sitting back down..!?!

Add to which my joint hyper-mobility and dyslexia which also affect balance and co-ordination and i really do ricochet around…So keeping still is the only option as standing and walking do tend to cause bruises from the bumping about…I am sure i am not the only one who notices a bruise and thinks “Where did that come from??”…

If i do have to venture out it is always with the aid of my scoot and or car travel and always company…I used to wonder sometimes what others may think of this stumbling uncoordinated person?…Do they think this person is under the influence of drink? drugs? or do they see a medical illness?…But now i do not waste energy on what others think…

I have learnt only to look after self and not to worry about others…I am not shy in correcting the poor judgement of others…I myself try my best not to judge others and therefore i do not tolerate it in those who choose to do this to myself…Other peoples behaviour is always a reflection of themselves not you…

So head up shoulders back one step at a time…And even if that step is a tad wobbly today tomorrow is a new day…Wobble today…Walk tall tomorrow… NL x 🙂

“We can only be who we are…Others may look and judge…When looking at us they are reflecting their own issues, ignorance and fears or their kindness, compassion and empathy…let us not judge either” NL x


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