Weather The Storms…


We could all do without added extra’s with our health…But we all have to cope with them..The added pain and discomfort brought by a passing illness is more tiring i find than the normal everyday challenges that i am used to balancing…But i always try to see them as a passing storm from which we will recover…

Trying and upsetting it can be to cope with illness on top of illness we can only ride the storm out and wait for it to abate…It does feel like you’ve been hit by a hurricane at times and recovery also feels like you are rebuilding a town…But rebuild we do and recover we shall…

This is when the support of others is invaluable…This is when the simplest of task can present as an impossibility…Walking short distances feel like a marathon…And eating is just too much trouble…This is time for jim jams and tranquillity…This storm will pass…You just have to hunker down and “weather” it out…Better days will come…Just let this phase pass and then regroup within yourself… NL x  🙂

“Learning balance and boundaries is important…But remember that both are ever changing…No two days are the same…They are not mean’t to be” NL x

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