Guilt Free Tv…


We can all try our best to be Busy Bee’s…Or we can enjoy Guilt Free Tv…I don’t mean every day…But there is nothing wrong with “down time”…If you have had a bad sleep…Or are having a relapse for whatever reason…There is no guilt in having a sofa day with the TV remote…

It is a known fact that relaxation is good for us in many ways…Last i checked i am not super human…Though maybe we are all just a bit Super Hero for coping as we do?…But we are all allowed to have days when we are very human and we need to rest…To recognise and accept these is the first step…

Make somewhere your best place to be… I have a fabulous (hand made from old bed ends) sofa bed with memory foam mattresses and ooooodles of cushions…This is my place to be…It is in my lounge and i love it…I unashamedly curl up when i need too and rest…

Never feel guilty for being ill…You did not cause this…But you do have to deal with it every day…We all balance and juggle in so many ways daily..So when you need to do nothing except rest and recharge do just that…If you think of your body running on a low battery from the start of your day then it is easier to see why recharging is a priority…

You charge your laptop…Your phone…Your car or scoot battery…So why not us?…We cannot pug into the mains persay…So rest becomes our equivalent to a mains connection…Add to that with positive lifestyle choices and healing foods and maybe just maybe we can keep some energy for the good things we want to do…NL X

“Guilt is given by others…Choose not to accept this guilt…Allow yourself to be guilt free of others opinions…Choose to meet your needs not their’s” NL x 🙂

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