2015-09-27 15.31.47

I know i’ve said this before…But friends really do make adventures more fun…Creating shared memories and having fun with those who love and care for you is very special…I have had many adventures and i intend to keep having them…

Do not restrict your world…The world does not restrict us…It is our worries and fears that do this… The world is out there…It can be accessed…There are many ways that companies will support and help you travel or achieve a goal…Read information…make phone calls…If you struggle get someone else to help you do this…

There are opportunities all around us…Be brave…You are already an amazing person…You are dealing with a life that has changed…You did not want this…You did not choose this…You have no idea if you will ever be well…But you can choose to stay positive…You can work with life and your health to bring the best balance you can have…NL x

“Life is a blessing…If we strive to be the best version of us then we are achieving greatness…If we acknowledge this within ourselves then we reach a new level of freedom”NL  🙂  x


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