Time To Recover…

2015-09-27 14.57.58

Though our illness may frustrate others always follow your path…If  your illness has set you back and others do not understand it will take longer than most to recover it is no matter…Still follow your path…Make no apologies for their lack of empathy and their frustration…You can educate others but you cannot change them…Only they can choose to take a moment to try to understand…

Recovery from an added illness with Fibro is a long path for most of us…It is not just the dynamic of the added extra short term illness such as a cold but rather it is the depletion of the extra energy required to fight the added health issue…Patience and self TLC are the only way…Do not fall into the trap of feeling better and doing too much too soon…

If others do not understand despite your best efforts remember that it is their issue not yours…You are not responsible for other peoples reactions…Their reactions will come from their needs not yours…It is a reflection of them not you…

You are best using you time and energy to find your best way forward…Be honest and open you can do no more…How others choose to behave is up to them…Do not apologise if your health recovery does not suit their needs…It is not about them…You are not responsible…

You are number one in your list of priorities…This should always be the way…It does not make you selfish but it does ensure that you look after self…Rest…Recover…Recharge…I have said this before and i will say it i am sure many more times…Self love begins the journey to more balance…NL

“You are your own best healer…Take care of self…Be aware of self…Be kind to self…Only keep those around you who give the same…There is no room for negative energy within healing”NL x

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