Plan?or Spontaneity?


We all have appointments to attend…I know i do…& they cause a moderate to high amount of anxiety and stress dependant on the nature of the said appointment…We can’t usually avoid such times…We can however do our best to lower our stress levels…

We can plan…We can know the route…Take a friend…Gain knowledge of what the appointment entails…& say when we are not happy about the situation we are in…This all enables us to lower our anxiety…Especially if the situation is a new one…Sleepless nights are often the outcome of new and unknown situations…So anyway to alleviate this reaction is a good thing…

But if we want to go out for pleasure do we choose to plan or just react on the spur of the moment??..Some situation require planning such as a holiday…This i approach by the use of lists and knowledge…& not going away on my own…

But what about the days when you just fancy going out do you become spontaneous and just adventure out without prior planning??…Can it happen without stressing us out??…Well i have to say i have done this…I have supportive friends and family so company is always available…

I am a planner it comes with the territory of Fibro…So it is possible to do something that was not on your agenda…If the energy allows then go with the unplanned…Sometimes i have even just gone out with my sister for a drive…It gets me out…I am in supported understanding company…Ditto for my chap…

Often these days are the best of times…Unplanned…No prior thought of…Just a reaching out from another and an acceptance of help from me…I have had many a lovely unplanned jolly…Planning is good and has its place in life but sometimes its just good to grab your chance to be somewhere else & to feel normal…NL

“Treasure are many in life…They rarely come with a price tag…More often they come from the love and care of another”NL

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