Shout Out?…Shut Down?


As sentient beings we react to pain and difficult situations in two ways…We “shout out” so as to be noticed…Or we “shut down” and retreat away from all around us…Both are a display of being unhappy in some way…

Those who “shout out” are usually easy to spot…They will be very obvious in their needs for help and assistance…They will give clear signals as to their distress…And will usually tell you exactly what they require of you…They may be very challenging for those looking after them…But this is due to their frustration and pain…

But those who “shut down” are much more difficult to see…They are also much more difficult to help…Even when offered assistance and support they will often shy away from this…They retreat into their “bubble” of safety…Their pain causing them to reject help…Often not even reaching out for any help…They are quiet and unnoticed…

The pain of either more often than not is a combination of both the physical and emotional…Both need to be addressed..With the “shout outs” it is a clearer picture of how to proceed…But with the “shut downs” often they are not even seen…

So please be aware of both…They both need help and assistance…Do not assume that the quiet ones are fine… For these are often the ones who need a hand extended to them more than most…Offer the help…Do not be put off by rejection…Kindness eventually will break down the barriers that they have built to protect themselves…

“If you have knowledge to help others then do so…Knowledge is there to be shared not hoarded..Teachers are here to teach the next teachers…To give of knowledge is to give one of the greatest gifts”NL


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