TLC & Rest…


Sometimes you just have to rest…You just have to accept that there are times that some self TLC and rest is needed…When an added challenge adds to your normal day this is the time to accept that being kind to self is the only way…

So with a poorly ear and antibiotic spray for my ear and paracetamol i am retreating until i feel brighter…At least now i have a plan of action to make this extra health issue re-balance…So this too shall pass…

Frustrating though it may be there is no point fighting how i feel…This is a time for me to take time out and allow myself to mend..I have a fabulous sofa bed made by my lovely chap…He has also been my personal shopper…I have blankets and cushions…I have TV & a now box, plus family and friends on the phone…I am not alone…But i am taking time to heal from this setback…

Until my energy starts to improve and my pain starts to dissipate this is what i shall do…Rest and Recharge…Pure and simple…Allow my body to heal back to its normal levels..Fibro i understand and can to a point work with…Extras within the health department will always throw me…But should this happen again then at least i will know what it is and what to do…Knowledge is power…

“It is ok to be sad…Frustrated…Angry…Even tearful…All these human emotions allow us to release whatever is causing us pain…Accept and release your emotions it helps re-balance the inner to outer”…NL

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