We All Need Friends…

sarah and coco

We all needs friends…People who support us…who understand us…it is said that time with a good friend is the only therapy you will ever need…

However not all friends will stay with us in the journey we are taking in our health…Some will be able to adapt and understand…Others will struggle…Who we decide to keep is our choice…But before you decide that someone is not longer on your wave length make sure you have told them how things are…

If we do not tell others what we need…What we struggle with…What we need help with…And how we feel…How will they know??…i kept lots to myself…Partly due to my own denial…Partly due to my lack of understanding…But mainly due to the fact that i had always been independent and capable…I have learnt that help from others is a blessing not a weakness of self…

We are tribal beings…Look back into history and look now…Tribal has, is and always will be the way we are…It is not our inherent nature to be solitary…Those that choose isolation are more likely to be those who have been wounded one to many times and retreat into a safe space…Do not retreat but rather become the one that teaches others how it is to be you…Give them the knowledge to understand and grow within themselves…This is a gift you can give both yourself and those around you…

“Though we are wounded in our health we do not have to wound others by choosing isolation….If we learn to love ourselves as we are now not how we were then we can find a new inner peace and again love to be with those who love us”NL

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