Peace & Quiet…

2015-09-27 14.55.59

We all enjoy peace and quiet…The hustle and bustle of life can be stressful and tiring…Closing the door on the world and having some time to self is important to all of us…

But with Firbro every sense is heightened…Noise is louder…Light is brighter…Emotions are higher…Taste & smell/odours altered…Food sensitivities/intolerance’s…Tolerance to pain usually very low or almost non exsistant….

So the importance of peace and quiet and being in a space that is comfortable and does not cause “Sensory Overload”…If you are able to make choices that result in you only choosing to be places that do not cause this then do so…

Allow others to help…Be aware of the environment you will be entering whenever possible…Return to familiar places that you know you will be comfortable to be…Have company when possible as they can help bring balance and make you feel more confident in the situation you are in…

The place you can most ensure a safe and nurturing place should be where you live…Make this your place of rest and recharge…Your place of quiet and safety…Your home should give you solace it should reduce your stress and allow you to enter your “bubble of protection & calm”….

“We all need a safe place…Somewhere we can relax & recharge…The place that we can find harmony and balance…Everyone needs the place where they can just be”..NL

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