Ache before We Wake…


Well i don’t know about anyone else but i usually know what the weather is doing before i wake up…But its not just the weather…Each morning before i heave myself out of bed; this usually occurring after a pep talk to myself about getting out of bed!! as the warmth of the duvet is a tough one to leave…

Having said that despite a memory foam mattress which successfully alleviates most of my discomfort of trying to sleep on a mattress i still find that i am uncomfortable from sleeping in the morning…The memory foam mattress does alleviate my pins and needles when sleeping but it does not stop me ceasing up…

So before leaping out of bed in the morning (hahahaha Oooo i wish) i take a moment or two to access what and where is stiff and sore…It takes me a while to get going; or de-frost as i put it…Then beginneth the assessment of energy levels and what can be achieved before a rest will be required…

One OT described this by buckets…You start with a number of them say 20…it takes say 4/5 buckets to have a wash and get dressed….maybe another 3/4 to get a drink and some food..Then you have to choose…Go out shopping??this would take most of your buckets that are left…Spend time on technology…Ummm thats’ going to take a few buckets too….

So we learn how many buckets we use for each task and we plan accordingly…Or we can do an activity and then rest and recharge…In effect refill the buckets…It gets easier the more you do this…But it does not account for the unpredictability of Fibro….But it can help…Pre-Plan…De-clutter… Accept help…Be realsitic…

“A positive outlook helps keep a positive energy…We may be in a struggle in life and it may seem insurmountable…But it is not…We are given what we can cope with…Have faith in your self…You are capable…You are strong”NL

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