A Bug or Just Fibro?


Sunshine we have…freezing weather we also have….snow showers….rain…hail…take your pick…the weather appears to be!!

For several days i have been more tired than usual…i didn’t think this was possible?!?…I have been snuggled up in blankets as i have been extra cold …Fibro relapse or bug??it can be tricky to tell…?????

This morning i have a slightly blocked nose i am very achy and the fatigue is extreme…Again Fibro or bug??? The problem with self diagnosis is that Fibro mirrors so many things…Today i could feel like i have a cold or flu developing…Fibro symptoms can include….Reoccurring flu like symptoms:inc sore throat, hoarseness, cough,night sweets, feeling hot and or cold, tender lymph nodes, shortness of breath, aches & pains above the norm, blocked or runny nose….

Now sometimes these symptoms may become a bug…But at other times it is appears to be a reaction to the weather or symptomatic of a reaction and a relapse due to overdoing things or stress…The problem with Fibro is that it is unpredictable and changeable form day to day almost from hour to hour..

The key is not to fight the Fibro but to work with it…It is fine to push gently at your boundaries to see what you can do…But if you keep pushing as if to ignore that you have Fibro it will fight back with much more success…I know this because i have done just this i have pushed and pushed & then been put back in my place by my Fibro…

“Life is full of challenges…They allow us to become who we are…Be aware of self and the journey you are on…If possible allow the knowledge of your journey to enable others within theirs” NL


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