Sunshine…Natures Healer

2014-10-01 09.33.18

Finally some sunshine…its been a cold winter and i don’t think its over yet…but right now i’ll take any sunshine that nature wants to give…We all know the health benefits but maybe sometimes we are not as aware as we could be of how the weather effects us…

We get the “i’m not so achy” “i feel brighter in my mood”….but sometimes maybe we need to just be aware of how the sun brings everything¬† out of its winter sleep…including us…in winter we almost hibernate…Its natural…Its nature…Its instinctive…

Sunshine brings the new…It brings rebirth…With sunshine comes an awakening…An awareness that life has begun again after the pause of the winter…A time to recharge and soak up the energy that enables us to do all that we would like to with the warmth of the healing sun on our bodies and in our hearts and minds…

“Embrace the healing energy that is all around us…Nature and the universal energy is there for all that choose to allow it into their Mind, Body & Soul for their greater good”NL


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