Roll With It…


When life gets overwhelming, as often it will do

Go roll on down a hillside & let all just roll off you

When things become too serious & you become a frown

 Release your inner play time, don’t let life get you down

We forget as we get older to do things just for fun

To swing upon a tree branch or marvel at the sun

To walk in flowered meadows, of barefoot & carefree

A picnic packed, a hillside sat, to relax & simply be

The joy of life surrounds us, we just need to take a look

To paddle in big puddles, or curl up with a book

In times of strain, our focus blurs,  our “happy” disappears

We loose our way, progress stalls, when all becomes our fears

Return the “fun” still deep within to dispel our human woes

Choose to laugh, feel the fun, from head down to your toes

 Solution found upon life’s mound is simply to roll on down

Perspective changed, our joy returns, removing of life’s frown

A helpful choice, from inner child, one we can but make

 To roll with life,  release our angst & laugh until we ache